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Amidst a lot of things that you can pay for and do here in Bali, you can also do a list of things that will save you money but also give you a very good experience overall. And especially for the ones who want to cut down on the overall expenses and save for your upcoming trips even though Bali is one of the places you have always dreamt of visiting. Fret now, there are ample amounts of things you could do for free and enjoy it as well here in Bali

Here is a list of things you could do on this sunny island for free!


  • Discover the waterfall among the cliffs and rocks at Desa Musi, Gerokgak- Very commonly known by locals as musi village otherwise Desa Musi, discover its only secret that comes with a cliff area where a waterfall overpowers and falls into a natural pool. The best way to reach this place is by taking directions from the local villages here. The best time to visit these falls would be during sunset, walk around, and find untouched temples around this area after taking a dip in the pool.
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  • Go on the Romantic Campuhan Ridge Walk– taking you through the rice fields, past quaint Indonesian huts and beautifully designed villas this walk is usually a short trek with a lovely vibe for youngsters. It’s recommended to take a long before sunrise and on your way back you could make a stop at the Karsa Kafe to have a yummy breakfast.


  • Virgin Sands, Nyang Nyang Beach– what you wouldn’t do to have a beach to yourself? It looks like your prayers have been answered. All you have to do to get here is to follow the dirt track close to Uluwatu Temple and keep your eye out for a sign saying “Nyang Nyang Surfing Beach”. Very much secluded in Southern Bali, this beach white pristine sands towered by a green cliff will give you the solitude you are looking for.


  • The Real Treasure of Suluban Beach– who doesn’t love the movie – Pirates of the Caribbean? A little something on this beach will take you to the movie scene that resembles a cave here. Suluban Cave is the real treasure of this beach, located directly under Uluwatu is definitely worth a visit.


  • Catch the Magnificent Waterblow at Nusa Dua– the hidden rock cliff in Nusa Dua is where waves will be crashing against them. Catch this magnificent water blow here which is one of nature’s prettiest sights and be sure to keep your distance so that you don’t get wet.


  • Soak in a ‘Jacuzzi’ on the Tegal Wangi Beach- A private tub with the most scenic view of the ocean? – make your way to Tegal Wangi Beach. Walk down the hill from Pura Tegalwangi and get yourself comfortable on the shore filled with seawater fresh from the ocean which gives you a jacuzzi feeling for real. You could go on a relaxing date or even end up taking a beat after all the sightseeing you’ve been doing too. Be sure to take many pictures, because this is not something you can get everywhere.


  • Visit the Broken Sea, Pasih Uwug – if you’re wondering how it got the name, then sit tight as I tell you why. So originally it was a cave and the floor of the cave collapsed creating the arch that we see today. This hole allows the ocean waters to flow freely, making its way to the gorgeous natural pool on the other side. Enjoy the breathtaking views and take a few snaps to capture this beauty.


  • Nothing like a Secret Getaway at the Angel’s Billabong-  one among the marvelous natural infinity pools, is the Angel’s Billabong of Nusa dua where you can see the crystalline waters. Easy to walk on and your heaven on earth is how this place can be described. To get here, you will have to walk for half-kilometer from Manta Point to the roof nearby, not too far from Pasih Uwug.


  • Learn how to Make Salt from Seawater, Amed sea salt farm-  along Jalan Abang, not far from Selang Beach is where you can witness traditional salt farmers process seawater into salt. However this is not something that you need to learn to survive but the beauty of the work can be admired from distance. poured into hollowed coconut tree trunks, the seawater is dried under the sun,the crystallized salt is then harvested with a pair of bamboo ladles once the seawater has evaporated. You can get lucky and take home some samples too!


  • Hug, pull, and kiss, Omed-omedan- well, take every day with a bit of love and coffee they said. Looks like Bali had other ideas with their mass hugging and kissing ritual. The village of Banjar Kaja Sesetan practices Omed-omedan, where hugging and pulling between two groups of young people is a ritual. Held on the day after Nyepi, this ritual is where two groups i.e boys and girls will be created and the pair of boy and girl in front have to hug each other with the rest of the group trying to separate them and if they fail to separate them then they will face the splash of water from the village council.


As exciting as it is to go on paid tours, it can also be equally fun to do things for free in Bali. As evidently and obviously this is not all that you can do for free, there are many more things to do without spending a penny here in Bali. Go on and tick Bali off your bucket list and make sure you book yourself a customized Bali travel package with your own curated list of paid and free things to do!

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