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Useful Buying Tips About Croatian Real Estate Investment

Tips on find the most suitable Property

When you plan to buy a property, be it residential or commercial one in Croatia there are certain things you should understand beforehand. Starting from the choosing best real estate agency to the process of buying, you cannot ignore the importance of property investment tips.

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Some of the necessary tips on real estate investment in Croatia are as follows:

Always Opt For An Agency

No matter how much you think you understand the real estate business and has experience in property buying, do hire an agent. To find the most suitable property in Croatia, the real estate agency is the best way to start your search. That way you can reduce the amount of effort and time that you otherwise put in property searching. Depending upon your budget level, choice, necessity, and interest, an agent will find the right property for you in Croatia. Make sure you ask your agent to send the list of suitable properties along with a brief description of each. You can also arrange direct sightseeing of chosen properties.

Private Property Buying For EU Nationalities

If you belong to one of the EU nationalities, then you can easily buy a property in Croatia without any restrictions. People outside the EU could also be allowed to invest in such properties but it involves getting consent from the Croatian Ministry of Justice. This requires the application to receive the consent that follows the sale contract signing. Real estate agencies can help in this regard as well.

Investing In Properties Through Croatian Company

This is another great option for people who are non-EU nationalities and want to invest in Croatian properties without approval from the Croatian Ministry of Justice. This is a great way of buying a property if you plan to develop a commercial business in Croatia such as opening a vacation rental.

Essential Documentation

Getting all the important documents ready is another tip you need to remember. You will have to keep a tax number ready along with a bank account and notarized copy of your identification.

Just make sure all your documents are proper and correct so that the legal process becomes smooth.

Currency Matter

In Croatia kuna is used to make transactions. But in case you do not have kuna or have no idea how to exchange your money to kuna, make sure you talk to a reputed real estate agent to guide you through.

Purchase Contract Rule

After agreeing on the price and other terms and conditions, the buyer must get in touch with a lawyer for the agreement part. Before you sign the purchase contract, the lawyer will be double-checking all the terms, rules and policies and let you know if it is perfect to proceed. This is done to protect the legal interests of the buyer.

There is also a pre-contract that you need to sign only if you make a 10% deposit in advance and the purchase contract is conditional. In case you withdraw from the deal, the deposit will not be refunded.

Property buying in Croatia is not a big deal if you can manage the entire process. Above all, an experienced agent in Croatia is your best friend regarding investments in property.



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