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Difference between digital nomads and remote workers


What makes a digital nomad different from a remote worker?


If you are one person who does not rely on a 9-6 office schedule, then, which category do you belong to?


A digital nomad or a remote worker?


Knowing the difference between these two is quite important for a coworking space manager as they can focus on two types of membership overview.


There are workers who work from home, far from the physical office. And any worker who works from a different location is called a remote worker.


But there are also workers who do not stick to a certain time zone or a location when they work. They keep changing and traveling from cities to cities. They get their work done and report back. These are digital nomads.


You might have seen people chilling at beaches and mountains with laptops in pictures and films though!


Simply put, the difference can be as follows.


A remote worker may have to report within the time zones and be active during the office hours of the company even if they work from home to a different location.


whereas a digital nomad has no strings attached of this sort, traveling from place to place and completing the work.


There are more aspects to this.


While a part of the world claims digital nomads being a subset of remote working, another part does not believe the same. In real fact, all digital nomads are remote workers, but not all remote workers are digital nomads.


What exactly is a digital nomad?


A digital nomad does not require you to be in a specific time zone all the time or most of the time. And if you do not have to come online during the business hours, yes, you can be a digital nomad. You would not have to meet people in person from time to time in the name of the business.


Working from anywhere with an Internet connection and a system is the idealistic explanation of being a digital nomad.  You might be traveling due to different reasons, it might be your need to visit new places, or to live within limited expenses, or any other personal reason you have.


Many of the coworking spaces in Pimpri have global memberships made available for the benefits of digital nomads when they require to move from place to place.


A remote worker is usually settled at a place of their choice, either due to the pressure from the office requiring him to be so, or other reasons. He or she could be working from home, from a cafe or from a coworking space.



It’s not always sunshine!


With these, there might be few queries that anyone might raise. If the nomads keep traveling, how do they receive emails in spite of changing addresses? Usually, they have a mailbox that keeps forwarding them the mails allowing them not to miss any of the opportunities to visit any of the places they want to be.


With changing locations, you might be far away from your family, and not everyone might be comfortable with the same. So, choose the path only if you know what you are signing up for before the leap.


While you get a lot of time for yourselves, do not let yourselves sink in loneliness, but use the same for the sake of knowing you and getting your work done.


Why remote working isn’t bad!


Being a digital nomad might have its own advantages, but do not worry if you cannot make it to that and are stuck being a remote worker.


You have your own perks.


You get enough time to enjoy with family and friends.


You can work from home or from a coworking space, avoiding office hustles. You can work in the hours that you feel comfortable.


According to local surveys, remote workers tend to be happier and healthy. Remote workers can live at a place they want and be comfortable with what the language they speak and the place they stay.


Management of a co-working space in Pune identifies the remote workers to be happier and content while inside a coworking space than the nomads who would more likely use a hostel or a work table at their current place of residence.


How coworking spaces help remote workers and digital nomads


Coworking spaces offer different types of memberships and facilities made ready for the workers in the space according to the clients they can have.


They can adjust their marketing strategies and ideas that can help the nomads too in the long walk.


If you have an expanded coworking space, it would be easy to provide an extended global membership to the nomads, not needing them to get new coworking space desks each time they reach a new place.


With more millennials tending to work from home or as remote rather than opting to work at the office, the demand for coworking spaces has risen when productivity and efficiency have brought to a primary concern. Along with the same, a part of them wishes to be a nomad in their early career too. Coworking spaces can help this general public to a great extent.


The connectivity they feel at your coworking space can help them in building confidence at times of dismay and help them get some help when they even want to.


Who should I be – a nomad or a remote worker?



Well, this is a very highly personal question. It all depends on your personality and priorities.


Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both sides would ideally help you choose what you want.


If you are someone who wants to explore the world as well as get your jobs done without hindering your passion, you can be a nomad, handling yourselves at each phase of life.


But if you want a much settled and organized life, you could be doing remote work having all the perks of being in your own space.


The ultimate decision is yours!




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