7 Amazing Custom T-Shirt Design Ideas For 2020

Every year clothing trend changes and evolve. Similarly, the custom t-shirt designs also evolve after every year. In 2020, we are going to witness amazing t-shirt designs. These designs will impart a unique personality in you, and you will look different from others. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various t-shirts design ideas for 2020:

  1. Bright Colored Design

The bright color t-shirts with bright color designs are in trend. People prefer to wear dark colors so that they can be easily recognized in the crowd. Everyone wants to stand out, and the dark color t-shirts probably the simplest way to do it.

You should choose primary colors and 100% cotton fabric to look amazing. But, if you want to have a mixture of a different kind of fabric. You can print your favorite design on these kinds of fabric by using bold ink.  Also, it is possible to have all-over print designs on your t-shirts.

  1. Tees Printed With Superheroes

These kinds of t-shirts are in high demand by kids. They want to see their favorite superheroes on their shirt. For instance, some kids want a spiderman t-shirt, while others want to have toy story t-shirts. Some want to print their favorite cartoon characters as well. These kinds of t-shirt are not just preferred by kids, but adult generation wants to wear a t-shirt printed with cartoons or superheroes

  1. Heavyweight Tees With Street Style Design

Nowadays, heavyweight t-shirts with street style prints are rising in trend. For example, a t-shirt with a weight of 6 oz is in high demand as compared to the t-shirts that just weight 3.8 to 4.5 oz.  The heavyweight t-shirts can give you a streetwear look.

Moreover, the heavyweight t-shirts printed with amazing patterns offer structure fit, and you look amazing with these kinds of t-shirt. The sublimation printing t shirts method lets you transform any pattern on your t-shirt.

  1. Try To Depict Humor

Recently, a significant rise has been observed in the t-shirts with humorous text printed on it. These kinds of t-shirts can represent a humorous personality. The humorous text on your tees can easily grab the attention of people in your surroundings.

Therefore, people prefer to wear these kinds of t-shirts.  But, when it comes to choosing a t-shirt with humorous content, then you should make a wise decision. You can print the right humorous text on your t-shirt by hiring the best printing contractors in your area. Make sure that the text should be memorable and funny as well.

  1. T-Shirt With All Over Print

With the advent of the latest technology, the printing technique has also been evolved. Therefore, it is possible to print your whole t-shirt. The all over print shirts are in high demand.

As the printing on the whole t-shirt is possible, therefore, people are now searching for all over the printed t-shirt. It is possible with the help of the sublimation printing technique. Thanks to improvements in printing techniques, you can now print the entire t-shirt. This will make your shirts stand out among all of the other shirts that only have printing on the chest.

But, if you want to print your whole t-shirt, then it is important to choose engaging designs. The most important thing to consider for the all-over printed t-shirt is that your t-shirt should be light-colored.

  1. Brutal Designs For Tees

The word “Brutalism” has been originated from the unique style of architecture. It can be described as the designing and construction of the building in which more attention is paid towards the functional aspect rather than aesthetics. The brutal t-shirts are simple but represent your strength and your skills.

Your message will be more visible than the style. If you want to convey any message to the people, then these kinds of shirts are perfect. The brutal design t-shirts are perfect for business owners who want to spread brand awareness and convey the right message to the people in the surrounding. In these kinds of printed t-shirts, you have to print bold letters and do nothing else.

  1. Hand Made Designs

Want to have something unique? If yes, then think about hand made drawing on your t-shirts. There could be nothing better than transforming your hand made drawing into a print on your t-shirts. You should draw something on paper, hire the best printing service provider in your area, share your designs, and get your custom printed t-shirts in a few days.

These kinds of printed t-shirts look cool and amazing as well. Moreover, you will save money for hiring a graphic designer. This is one of the best ways to look fantastic and reduce t-shirt printing costs.

Final word

The printed t-shirts are amazing and they look perfect. But, it is important to pick the right design for your t-shirt. We have listed tops design trends that people will follow in 2020.


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